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Dowden Production Academy Presents



Learn how to write a track from start to finish.

JULY 13 - 14 2024


Early bird: $69.00

How to Write a Deep Progressive House Track

From Start to Finish

Follow along as Dowden writes, mixes, and masters a track from the very beginning and explains the entire process step by step to complete a track that is ready to get signed to top tier labels like Meanwhile Recordings, Mango Alley, Sudbeat, The Soundgarden, Anjunadeep, and more.

Ask questions, get involved, and at the end of the Masterclass there will be an optional live feedback session for each producer to showcase their tracks in front of a large audience. You’ll receive valuable feedback on how to improve, gain a bit of publicity, and Dowden will even help you decide which label will be most likely to sign it.

What Will You Learn?

What's Included?

Deep progressive house Masterclass Mockup

Masterclass Curriculum

Day 1

Creating Main Loop + Arrange it Into full track

Together we will write a complete track from scratch. Beginning with a strong, captivating, catchy and groovy drum loop, a rhythmic and powerful bassline, followed by the leads, hooks, atmospheres, and ear candies to make the track stand out and be memorable. By the end of this session, we will have the arrangement of the track with the main ideas fully written out, and ready to be mixed.

Day 2

Full Track Mixdown & Master + Fine Tuning the track

Coming back with fresh ears to completely mix the track to a professional, loud mix. After the mixdown I will focus on any adjustments that need to be made to the tracks arrangement, sound design, songwriting, or mix. Finishing off with Mastering the track so it’s ready to test out in clubs or send to DJs and labels to get signed!

Day 3 (Optional)

Feedback stream

After the Masterclass you are invited to participate in a feedback livestream where I will share your tracks with my 20,000+ subscribers on YouTube and offer my professional advice on improving the track you’ve made since the Masterclass has wrapped up.


This is your chance to work alongside Dowden and work on a deep progressive track from start to finish.

Take your production to the next level and learn from other producers!

Who is Dowden?

Dowden is an Electronic Music Producer, content creator, and touring DJ from Toronto, Canada, who is currently living in Berlin, Germany. Dowden’s unique and wide range of style has signed him to some of the industry’s biggest labels, including Mango Alley, The Soundgarden, Meanwhile, JOOF, Solis, Hoomidaas, and many more.

Gaining support from some of the world’s biggest DJs, including Guy J, Lane 8, Eelke Kleijn, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Armin Van Buuren, Guy Manztur, Cid Inc., Markus Schulz, and many more.

He continues to rise in the Progressive House scene with releases on over 50 labels, and playing clubs and festivals all over the world.

frequently asked questions

This Masterclass is for producers of any skill level that are interested in increasing their knowledge of writing music similar to the styles outlined in the curriculum. One of the best ways to learn how to create is by watching, asking questions, and being a part of the process, so if you want to become a better producer, then this class is definitely for you.
The Masterclass is split into two sessions over two days. Each session will be between around 3.5 hours with a small 10 minute break.

The Masterclass will take place over two days from Saturday 13 July – Sunday 14 July 2024 at 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm CET.

Check your time zone here.

Things happen! If you can’t make the session, you are able to watch the recording of the session online after, or you can contact me for a makeup date and join another class.
The genre I will be covering in this Masterclass is what I call ‘Deep Progressive House’. Typically it’s music similar to the leading artists in the industry such as Guy J, Nick Warren, GMJ & Matter, Kamilo Sanclemente, Alex O’Rion, Subandrio, Guy Manztur, Ezequiel Arias, Space Motion, Cristoph, Ric Niels, Forty Cats, Simony Doty, and myself. Similar styles of labels such as Sudbeat, Anjunadeep, Lost & Found, Meanwhile, Mango Alley, and The Soundgarden.
Are you a fan of and want to write music similar to any of the artists, labels, or styles mentioned in the previous question above? Are you a music producer looking to improve quickly and get your music signed, or signed to bigger labels? Finally, are you passionate about music production and don’t like the idea of how long it will take to improve? Then I think this class is definitely for you.
If you can follow along with these videos in this playlist, then you’ll have no problem following along during the Masterclass.

What Producers Are Saying

“Remember the two tracks we worked on together called Yearn to Return and Deeply Invested? 

Well, they both just got signed for an EP by Melodiös Music, a melodic and progressive house label in Mexico! I’m so happy as this is my first ever EP!”

Karen Fagan

“I have worked with numerous coaches for my music. [My session with you] was by far the best coaching session I have ever experienced. For literally the first time ever, the 90 minutes I spent with you was the most productive 90 minutes I’ve had with any coach. I truly walked away with game-changing skill set enhancements. I am now better than I was before we had the session. I look forward to our next session!”

Steve Merbler

“Today, I signed my first track! I want to thank you for everything to start me up with Ableton!

You were my master teacher!”

Nick van Gils

“Dowden is awesome! My tracks were just on the cusp of getting signed by labels but I was missing a few key techniques that Brenden helped me close the gap on. His sound design and arrangement strategies are easy to understand, and you get a full scope of what a finished track from a big-time producer looks like. I also pulled some awesome sounds and techniques from his template files, one of them even lead to a track signing!”

Julian Winkler

“I am incredibly thankful for your online music production class which empowered me to create two tracks I am proud of.”

Marc Matar

“I finished the advanced production course and let me tell you, it is hands down the most useful set of instruction on electronic music production that I have run across, and I have ‘graduated’ from [a few others] – but none of them compare. There are actually usable, important, and generally unspoken items in the course that were new to me – and I watch a lot of production videos. So huge kudos to you, really nice work. 5 stars all the way!”

Ramon Romero